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Two-three tier racks are used for bulk storage and order picking of smaller units or components such as non-palletized goods, cartons, bins etc. The storage system is a lot more efficient as a great floor space is used in this.

Two-three tier racks system make a better utilization of the warehouse height and hence, the floor is free from disorganized goods. The process of order picking and is also smooth along with a well-organized storage systems.

Stairs or lifts are used to connect or access the different tiers.

Aldon Steel Fabricator is a pioneer as Two tier racks Manufacturers and Suppliers in Delhi, Industrial Two Tier Storage System and Three Tier Storage System are unique and mostly used by Defence, Ware houses and Industries where space is acute short and vertical space is available for storage. The Racking Systems is design in such a way that it starts from floor and divided at Ist and 2 nd floor by Catwalks.

The benefit of using Two Tire Racking System is they provide additional storage space without spending additionally on construction, air conditioning, heat or light. Our racks are highly appreciated by our customers because of anti corrosive material we use, dimensional accuracy, durability, strength, finely powder coated, easy access to the stored goods, accurate finishing etc. We provide in any size and color as desired by our customer. The structure we design can be modified, enlarged or moved without much trouble. This kind of rack is compatible with both light and dense storage. Because of having multiple facilities this rack can be used by various industries such as pharmaceutical industry, library, warehousing, hospitals, logistics company, defense units, small manufacturers, seasonal warehouses and all those who require that extra space to keep their product safely.

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