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Being one of the leading Mezzanine Floor Manufacturers and suppluers in Delhi, our company offers specially designed modular mezzanine floors to our customers. Modular Mezzanine Floor is available in various designs and layouts of the steel work according to the layout and application area of our customer. In Designer Modular Mezzanine Floor, columns and base plates are kept to their minimum range. modular mezzanine floors create an ideal platform for optimum floor space and storage capacity, transforming unused spaces into a valuable asset.

Mezzanine floor designed is custom made to suit the customer’s specific requirements and on-site space arrangement. The site layout plays a crucial role in the final structuring of the columns and base plates in the floor design. Their width and length is designed accordingly. Their staircases can range from 900-1200 mm in width depending on the specific requirement and load bearing capacity Of mezzanine floor ranging from 300 kgs to 1000kgs sqr.mtr.

We call it a revolution in flooring-a system so different and simple in concept that it floors the opposition. There's absolutely nothing to compare with Aldon Steel which can transform unused space into a valuable asset. It's the quick, easy, cost effective way of installing a mezzanine floor and gaining the advantage of additional room for extra storage, Office accommodation or any other purpose. The Modular, interlocking system-designed to meet British engineering standards comprises columns, main beams and clip-on secondary beams. Such is its proven strength.

Relocating is no longer a problem. We provides a flexible flooring solution. It can be quickly extended or dismantled to be re-erected at a different location.

Standard Sizes :

2500m.m x 2500mm
3000m.m x 3000mm

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