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Aldon Steel Fabricator is a pioneer as cantilever racks Manufacturers and Suppliers in Delhi, Industrial rack kits come with all the necessary parts for assembling cantilever racks, which have arms that extend from their frames to create multiple storage levels. Also known as pipe storage racks and cantilever shelving, cantilever racks hold long materials such as tubing and pipe in maintenance departments, tool rooms, machine shops, and storage areas. Starter units can be used on their own as standalone racks. Add-on units can be connected to existing starter units or add-on units to create multi-unit cantilever rack systems, and they cannot be used on their own as standalone racks.

Aldon is one of the leading names in the Cantilever Rach manufacturers in Delhi. This type of storage system is best suited for heavy duty storage. They are widely used to store long products such as bars, tube lights, sheet materials, rolls and so on. One can find their common usage in timber, metal and plastic industries. They provide long term storage solutions fitted along with other systems such as product retaining trays.

These racking systems have tapered arms or columns to ensure more strength to the storage solution. It is also easier to lift goods easily through these racks.

Cantilever racks (also known as lumber racks or pipe racks) come in various sizes to fit your unique space. For new structural I-beam cantilever rack, see our new cantilever rack page in our online store for information and pricing. Cantilever racks can be purchased as a starter kit, adder kit, or as individual components. For more information on cantilever rack, check out our Cantilever Rack Buyer's Guide.

A starter cantilever storage system consists of two upright columns and bases, canted or straight arms, and vertical and horizontal braces, and vertical and horizontal braces. An adder cantilever kit consists of a single column and base, canted or straight arms It can store light duty and medium duty loads all the way up to heavy duty and extra heavy-duty items. Cantilever racking can be configured for either single sided or double-sided storage.

Cantilever Rack – Appropriate Storing Solution For Your Facility

High Weight Bearing Capacity: Portable Cantilever Racks allows storage of over sized and bulky items and can bear the load effortlessly.

Give Easy Product Access: Cantilever Shelves or Cantilever Rack have open design that allows easier product access, which can boost your productivity and profitability. It speeds up the process and workflow and helps you locate items.

Quick To Install And Reconfigure: All the storage systems that we offer are simple to install and reconfigure as per the need. Reduces handling time and boost productivity adequately.

Industrial Heavy Duty Cantilever Racks can save you efforts and money both and thus, you should take a step ahead for investing in the same. If searching for one of the reliable Cantilever Storage Racks Suppliers in India, we’d be happy to associate with you for serving premium quality at the best prices. You can contact us to buy different types of Heavy Duty Rack. So, share your requirements with us today.

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