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Aldon Steel Fabricator is a pioneer as Die Racks Manufacturers and Suppliers in Delhi, Industrial Die Racks is another specialized form of storage systems that are meant for carrying very heavy load. If the load is specifically uneven in its distribution, then die racks are seen as the best storage option. They are available in various styles and customized to suit the varying needs of the industry.

Tool and Die Racks are designed to provide vertical storage for manufacturing equipment that is challenging to store due to its size and weight. Tools and dies are difficult to handle and unable to be stacked, therefore they are often stored on the manufacturing floor. Storing them on the floor takes up valuable space and makes these expensive items susceptible to damage.

Using a heavy-duty support structure with high-strength shelves, tool and die racks are designed to accommodate these issues as well as provide vertical storage over the floor. Tool/die racks are designed to be serviced by fork lift or a stacker-type crane system. Benefits include easy access, reduced damage, improved safety and maximization of floor space.


Applications for Industrial Tool and Die Racks

Any business that uses or makes dies and tooling can benefit from a racking system. Customers that use our tool and die storage racks include:

Moulds or dies are a vital manufacturing process that involves many industries and require storage solutions that meet the selectivity and accessibility anywhere in that production unit. These could be ultra-light to super heavy, cumbersome dies but require racking all the same, until needed for assembly or shipment. Our die storage racks are designed and manufactured to stow dies, motors, jigs, fixtures, and engine heads, to mention a few.

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