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We are the largest manufacturer and supplier top quality and high class standard Commercial Shelving in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. it is used for an efficient workplace and maintaining your business standards. Our range of Commercial Shelving are inclusive o book case, personal and worker locker, tool drawers, filing cabinets and so on. They prove to be handy and efficient in streamlining the administrative works and ensure an organized approach to the daily operations and tasks.

Shelving plays a critical role in the restaurant. When space is tight (and in a restaurant, it always is), shelving is what helps you maximize your otherwise wasted vertical space. Chances are that you'll have some kind of commercial shelving in your pantry to store dry goods, shelves in the walk-in for refrigerated and wet ingredients, and even shelves in storage closets to hold cleaning supplies and other materials. When it comes to shelves though, not every shelf is created equally.

In this buying guide, we'll cover the different commercial shelving materials you'll encounter, and which ones work best for your environment. Choosing the right shelf in the beginning could save you a lot of money on replacements (and health inspector fines) in the future. Ready to learn more? Let's get started!


Not all shelves are created equally, and as such certain shelving units will set you back farther than others. Before you purchase your shelving, consider what you intend to store and where. As a restaurant owner, you will need to source storage solutions for both your dry and wet ingredients, plus other materials like cleaning solutions, buckets and more. Like most things in the kitchen, cleanliness is key to maximizing the life of your equipment (and your food products). Commercial shelving is often made with three common materials: chrome-plated wire shelving, epoxy coated shelving, and plastic shelving. Find out which type of shelving would work better for your environment—bonus points for purchasing those that tout anti-microbial features which help ward off bacteria, mold, mildew and more!

The most affordable commercial shelving option, wire shelving is a common go-to for most restaurants and commercial businesses. The benefit of wire shelving is that air can easily circulate around your product, helping to keep items dry and prevent the growth of mold, mildew and condensation. This type of shelving is also easy to assemble and customize, and can often hold up to 150 pounds per shelf.

Unfortunately, the benefits end there. Chrome-plated wire shelving is cheap because while it is rust resistant it is not rust proof —making this option a huge "no no" when it comes to shelving options in your walk-in cooler. Health inspectors know that rust particles can end up in food product, so don't be surprised if the presence of chrome-plated wire shelving earns you a black mark during your inspection.


Most commercial shelving units come in one of two styles: solid shelves or vented shelves. While most wire shelving units will naturally come with vented options, some polymer shelving options give you more flexibility to "plug and play" different shelf types. Read on to learn more about solid and vented shelves..

Stick to solid shelf types in your dry storage areas only; due to the nature of solid shelves, air cannot circulate as easily around your products which could promote the growth of molds and mildews in humid environments. But solid shelves do come with their perks—no holes means no worries about cross contamination from products spilling or dripping onto others.

Vented shelves are those with slats, which help promote air circulation around products. Unlike solid shelves, you need to take caution with what items are placed on higher shelves lest you inadvertently contaminate your product. For example, meat and other protein should be placed on lower shelves in case it drips onto other products.

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