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Aldon Steel Fabricator is one of the leading names in wide scale manufacturing of modern logistic equipments such as slotted angle racks, palletize racking system and more.

We offer full-service ranging from research and development, designing, production and installation of logistic equipments. Our range of superior quality and tested products also include pallet racks, steel pallet racks, metal pallets warehouse storage racks, industrial pallet racks, industrial storage racks, industrial sheds, two/ three tier racks, library stacks etc.

What Stands Us Apart?

We enjoy a strong reputation and goodwill in the market for our quality assurance and commitment to innovation. We conceptualize and produce new products using advanced and modern technology that has recently forayed into the industry.

For every client, we have a custom solution. We do not offer one-size-fit-all solution to any business. Our products and services are tailored to suit individual preferences and needs of every client.

Repeat Business Every Time!

Aldon has been applauded and has tasted the fruits of repeat business owing much to its client’s appreciation of the product standards and features. Our products are known for their durability, high performance value and endurance. The structural integrity of the products speak volume of the custom built size, shape and unique design that matches to the client specifications.

Our Team

We have the experts in the industry working in every sphere of product conceptualization to final delivery. Each expert is knowledgeable and has vast industry experience. They kept a close eye on the maintenance of optimal product standards.

Our Resource Quality

We have a vast resource of skilled manpower and financial channels that help in the improvement of the development of better and latest logistic products. They are applied to various industries such as machine, electronics, medicine, distribution center, buildings, FMCG, automotive manufacturing unit, grocery complexes, bounded warehouses and so on.

Wide Product Variety

We offer a wide range of products to various industries. Our products are tested at different quality checkpoints and approved before being applied. These include Pallet Racking System, Cantilever Racks, Heavy Duty Racks, Slotted Angle Racks, Perforated Tray, Ladder Tray, Hydraulic Pallet Truck, Trucking Tray, Slotted Angle, Die Loader, Hydraulic Stracker, Drum Loader etc. We work around the stipulated delivery time given by the client and ensure safe and responsible delivery.

Who We Are

Aldon Steel is an innovative storage solution provider offering space saving system manufacturing to installation. We boast of highly experienced and technically savvy team of designers and manufacturers with over a decade of experience in rack systems and trays.

What We Do

Aldon Steel provides a multi-faceted solution that serves the storage solution industry from all corners. It offers comprehensive rack system inclusive of space planning, designing and development of a custom racking system, its production and supply, after sales support and maintenance.

Services We Offer

Aldon Steel offers full-service conceptualization, production, installation and after-sales support for logistic equipments across various industries.

Why Us?

Aldon Steel

What makes us the preferred choice for our loyal customers time after time includes the following:


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