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Drive-In Rack and Drive-Thru racking are terms that are often used interchangeably. In some environments, it can be difficult to differentiate between the two. Typically, Drive-In racking requires operators to drive into the racking system from one side and remove pallets from the same entry point. Some Drive-In Rack systems have a wall or are otherwise closed at the opposite end.

Drive-in racks are used for top efficiency storage of goods. In this racking system, pallets are stocked back to back for a dense storage experience. If there are no perishable commodities in the storage units, then they can be easily stocked up using these systems that do not have aisles for easily crowded storage. If the pallets need to be moved around more often, then Drive In Rack Systems are the best option.

Aldon Steel Fabricator is a pioneer as Drive-in racks Manufacturers and Suppliers in Delhi, Industrial driving operated drives in the pallets and removes them from the same point. The other end of this racking system is closed. Drive-in racking creates a cost-effective, high density storage system that allows storage of pallets multiple positions deep, reducing the space required for aisles.


Pallets are loaded onto horizontal rails. Drivers then remove the pallets from the same entry point at which they were loaded. Drive-in rack systems are often used against a wall. Drive thru racking systems are based on the same concept but are located in an open area so that forklifts can drive completely through the rack system.

Drive-In Cube Utilization Safety

Drive-In Rack operators must be very careful not to damage the pallet racking. Since pallets are stored so densely and a driver must enter the pallet racking system with only a small clearance on either side, a Drive-In Rack system must be checked for damage frequently. As soon as pallet rack damage is noticed, it must be reported and properly repaired or replaced. A strict safety doctrine must be adhered to with a Drive-In Rack system.

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