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Aldon mobile compactor is one of a kind storage unit. These are indigenous varieties that are mounted on mobile trolleys; hence, they are moved easily. It is generally dust-proof and it has a pilfer-proof atmosphere even though there are no doors added to it. They are cost-effective and used at sites with low storage capacity or floor space. One can store goods in a dust-free and safe area once the blocks of the storage unit are closed together. It forms a safe and compact solid block.

Mobile Compactors are the most cost-effective and ergonomic solution to space utilisation around workspaces. By compressing storage into a much smaller area, they effectively optimize storage capacity by 80-100 % while freeing up to 50% of floor space. Space which is real estate and hence unlocks value when put to other productive use. With Mobile Compactors you could thus actually end up saving or even earning money!

Mobile Compactors is a unique concept which helps you to design work spaces smartly by reducing the storage footprints.

Mobile Compactors Features

Mobile Compactors is standard shelving mounted on a mobile base, creating excellent storage effeciency. These are mobile trolley (chassis) mounted shelving systems that move on rails that provide maximum storage capacity. These systems have only one access corridor thereby increasing efficiency of the storage. Compactors are completely safe to use. The entire compactor is clad with powder coated steel sheets. It is smooth, noiseless and easy to maintain. The system allows the user to open the mobile units to retrieve and file items.

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