Aldon Steel has earned the reputation over the years as one of the leading manufacturers of superior quality slotted angle racks. It follows the international standards of designs and features and produces racks in a variety of styles and sizes. Slotted angle racks are also available in a variety of shapes and colors to adorn a retail outlet.

These racks have a long life span due to the use of corrosion-resistant gauges with angles that are either painted, hot dip galvanized or have powder coated finishes. The products are manufactured with top grade quality assurance along with the support of professional experts.

Our prime range of slotted angle racks includes the following varieties:

  • Skeleton Racks
  • Angle Frame Racks
  • Pigeon hole racks
  • Two/ three tier racks
  • Enclosed racks

Benefits of using slotted angle racks for your retail or industrial units:

  • Increases Storage capacity.
  • Less investment cost than real estate
  • Can create extra floor space through use of these heavy duty structural steel sections
  • System with fast level readjustment most suitable for narrow and broad corridors

What makes our slotted angle racks stand out in the market?

  • Superior quality and top grade finish
  • Use of High quality steel CRC ,HRC Sheet
  • Tested for Scratch, Adhesion, and Flexibility

    Features :

  • Precise compartments
  • Light in weight
  • Water resistant
  • Precise dimensions
  • Superior load bearing strength
  • Protected from corrosion
  • Dent resistant
  • Easily movable
  • Wide storage space

    Applications :

  • Shops
  • Grocery shops
  • Stalls
  • Public libraries
  • Homes
  • Offices
  • Police stations
  • Hospitals
  • Schools

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